Project Detail: LOSING THE SOUL


IBSA Foundation Covid19 Resilience




Salvatore Bongiorno


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“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” - Leo Burnett

This is Milan in late May and early June 2020.
After the first pandemic that stopped the world the atmosphere in the city has changed. Everything seems suspended in the uncertainty of what will happen tomorrow or the following week.
The number of people on the street has more than halved. Those who go out try not to approach strangers.
In this bubble of solitude that gave an illusory sense of protection, in addition to the lack of human interaction, was added the absence of commercial visual communication.
The economic capital of Italy, which had always been lively, full of aperitifs and social events, seemed to have lost its soul.
There were no more colorful and captivating images to keep us company on the streets, but only "free space" and solitude.
these pictures show how in a landscape the absence or the presence of advertising images are able to convey mixed feelings.