Project Detail: WE’LL BE AIR


IBSA Foundation Covid19 Resilience




Tamara Arranz


Project Info


Introspection, improvisation and reset values to survive.

One day we will spread our wings for the necessary flight.
We will touch what’s pure despite the vertigo, because we will have come out of the wound together.
And we will be air.
And we will be life.
And we will not pretend to understand, nor will we be despised in our ignorance.
We will be together, wide open, recognizing each other, finally, at the starting line.
Those who cry will survive, those who drink their tears.
Some of us will survive and it will be random and unfair. It will be angry and tiring.
We will live disturbed, innocent, violent, discouraged. Happiness will be a state of grace. We will be enough.
Once the net is blurred, we will weave it all. We will return looking for what has been spoiled.