Project Detail: In the room


Women photographers exhibition 2016




Francesca Cesari



Project Info

In the room

In the room is a series of portraits taken in the moment a mother puts her child to sleep through breastfeeding.

The project aims to describe the atmosphere of privacy and symbiosis that surrounds the subjects, and the different role played by the woman in this delicate situation, a powerful and protective figure as well as a sensitive and sometimes fragile creature.


A secluded and silent place where a mother puts her child to sleep through breast-feeding.

The transition between waking and sleeping, as the fulfillment takes over every resistance and distraction.

The mother’s solid presence consciously supporting the baby’s passage into unconsciousness, renewing the ritual, everlasting gestures of former generations of women.

A suspended time of devotion and tenderness that coexists with the alienating repetitiveness of a daily routine.

These are the main issues explored by the pictures, to describe the atmosphere of a private and symbiotic moment, exclusive of the experience of maternity.