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Women photographers exhibition 2016




Minsora Boya


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The Migrants

Uskudar, 2015

It was a really sunny day in Istanbul so I decided to take a boat to go from Uskudar which is in the Asian part, to Taksim, located on the European side.

During this fresh and naive little journey I met such interesting characters that I felt like I had to immortalize the moment.

Firstly, this working lady staying on the right side of the boat. She was staring wistfully at these birds diving in the blue sky during the entire journey. Then, I came across this young man in the back of the ferry, he was occupied at throwing pieces of bread at these same birds. And, finally, this little girl on the left side of the boat. She stayed there continuously staring at these same birds, fascinated by them. It was like she was trying to imitate them.

These scenes were so appealing to me. All these migrants flying in the sky, accompanying us, some other « migrants » on our journey above the sea. They were almost making fun of us, asking us why we human were so complicated? Why do we put all these borders in our lives?

And then, we arrived to Europe.