Project Detail: La fuerza de la tierra


Women photographers exhibition 2016




elena alger


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La fuerza de la tierra

chile / bolivia / peru / ecuador

south america, twenty-fourteen

the roots are on fire, blazing, heating the water and freeing swathes of steam and smoke into the wild winds, which form heaps and piles of tall clouds above the massive mountains, bringing nourishing rains to the forests, deep into the dark soil where all is rooted again. all is connected, the circle is turning, closed, on the rivers and streams of time.

deep in the south is the land of fire. vast, harsh granite walls and ancient forests tempered by wild winds, aching cold and the burst of the sun, appearing on the horizon like an assembly of wizened ghosts keeping an ancient secret. the land stretches out languidly along the great water to the west, with deserts dry and hot or cold and hazy. gushing geysers and deep, steaming chasms thunder and whisper stories from the depths. the icy heights into which the mountains to the north stretch majestically like great frozen palaces, are enveloped by the fogs which rose, laden with secrets from the warm depths, traveling up to the stars.

a journey across mountains, deserts, forests and valleys - always following the great water to the west.

the images are quotations from this journey through the vastness of the south american wilderness, from the fires of patagonia to the colossal mountains in the heights of bolivia. i am quoting the elements, the elemental force that unites everything.

Elena Alger