Project Detail: A Google Wife


Women photographers exhibition 2016




Olga Bushkova


Project Info

A Google Wife

Five years ago my husband got an offer to work for Google in Zürich, Switzerland. Neither me nor my husband spoke German or ever lived outside of Russia.

We rented an apartment on the top floor at Zwinglistrasse 17, twenty minutes walk from the Google office. I had a limited residence permit and couldn’t work for two years. So I stayed at home. We bought the curtains, a table and some glasses. We met my husband’s new colleagues, Google employees, and their wives, Google wives.

Soon I’ve received a very welcome email from new community:

“Welcome to the Spooglers group! We’re happy to welcome you to the Google Zürich family. We meet for social events, explore Switzerland together, and share our knowledge and skills.

The Spooglers mailing group was founded in 2005 to offer a place to get to know new people, share information about living in Switzerland and offer a forum to discuss and ask questions of others in a similar situation.

Over the past 10 years we have grown to include almost 700 members (both men and women) and hosted dozens of lunches, coffees, dinners and outings as well as answered the age old questions of “Where can I learn German? Who can recommend a doctor? and Where can I find a great, yet affordable, meal?”.

As the office, and our Google family continues to grow, we have expanded from our simple mailing list into a larger community. Our community offers you a place to explore your interests and provides an opportunity to become involved with those things for which you are most passionate.”

* Spoogler = spouse or partner of a Google employee

Presented 8 photos are a small part of a performance I did for a year. Every time I met members of the new community, I took pictures with a camera remote. My goal was to explore the community and myself inside it.