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Women photographers exhibition 2016




Sandra Cox


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Women from war zones

Women forced to flee war must adapt to new lives in vastly different circumstances, often within a matter of hours. Suddenly, they may find themselves trying to make do in someone else's home, in a tent in a refugee camp, a bed in a communal shelter or even beneath a makeshift tent of tarpaulins and old sheets flung over tree branches that double as tent poles.

Stripped of their means to make a living or forced to live within the confines of life in a camp, they set about trying to provide for their families. Here we see women, mostly mothers, from Darfur, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Iraq show some of what they must contend with - the despair, the chaos, and the competition of life far from home, with few, if any, means of making a living, of less than reliable sources of food, water and healthcare, or of being able to send their children to school.

While they may no longer be in the line of fire, uncertainty is rarely far away. Sometimes these women - among them, Sylvie, Ashook and Abdallah - grab moments of joy, and wonder if a better life awaits them. Something quite different to their present lives. Their lives of worry. Lives not of their making.