Project Detail: Post


Women photographers exhibition 2016




Marta Zgierska



Project Info


In 2013, I survived a serious car accident. I was close to death, and reality – one that I had been adapting to with difficulty – slipped through my fingers. This misfortune brought about another: surgeries, months of physical limitations, a breakup, and the return and aggravation of anxiety neurosis.

I started taking the first photographs as a way of incantation of fear in an aesthetic image. Theaccident brought my work to a halt. My mind was filling up with fragmentary memories, and sharp, detached details. My own physicality and pain became a source of images that felt more and more substantial and bodilyas time passed.

“Post” is a project about trauma, frozen in dead greyness, silence and tension. Everyone can find their own punctures here – exhausting dreams, fears, obsessions. An individual way of discovering a twin traumatic memory in another person, “Post” is an attempt at intimate contact which closes the pastnon-experience in the present.


As an additional event we could organize an artist talk and presentation of my book “Post”. The book "Post" will be published by Actes Sud. The text for the book was written by Christian Caujolle. The official launch of the book will take place in July, during this year's edition of the Les Rencontres d’Arles.