Project Detail: Shopping


Women photographers exhibition 2016




Andjela Banicevic


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Whether people buy new clothes to dress for success, enjoy shopping for creative inspiration, relaxation and escape, or go to shops to connect with other people, they’re naturally visualizing how they’ll use the products they are considering, and in doing so they’re also visualizing their future life.

As woman who enjoys shopping for many reasons above, I have also noticed that when I go on vacation I always go to where people are shopping, to get a feel for the place and the people, especially if I’m traveling to a different country.

As a photographer who is interested in people’s behavior in general, I have tried to capture those special moments of relatively mindless, relaxing activity as antidote to emotional distress. The purchases themselves are only part of the allure, shopping - and visualizing - is preparation (performance booster and anxiety reducer) and it makes people feel more control and less anxious about their important moments in life.

Photographs have been taken on the street of Barcelona (Spain), Rome (Italy) and Belgrade (Serbia); in (H&M, PRADA, ZARA) stores, in 2015 and 2016.