Project Detail: WE ARE STONE FACES


Women photographers exhibition 2016




Adriana Bertossa Klenk


Project Info


“We are stone faces” is a photographic project, a series of portraits juxtaposed with Gneiss, the stone of the Calanca Valley.This project concerns the inhabitants of the Calanca Valley, the “Calanchini”, who feel their roots in Calanca; the Calanchini walk on Gneiss. The outer layer of the Earth’s crust upon which we walk forms our character, our temperament, the plasticity of our features and abilities. There are places where we feel at ease, both reassured and happy; other venues transmit determination, freedom and pride; still others impart nervousness, aggression, anxiety, palpitations of the heart... One of the many reasons for these vibrations is magnetism, the radiation of the geological stratum that we call home. In a narrow mountain valley, matter is not only beneath our feet, it also surrounds us. The Calanchini inhabit various circles within a funnel of gneiss. The Calanchini are sons and daughters of the mountain; they are born with determination, freedom, and the belief that they can achieve their goals. The Calanchini travel the world, carrying with them the characteristic stubbornness and perseverance of the ancient stone.