Project Detail: Range life


Women photographers exhibition 2016




Betty Bogaert



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Range life

I often feel the need to meet people, to exchange, to share values that help me grow, that help me understand better and that allow me to appreciate my environment even more. While traveling the roads of our region, I discover these inhabitants living in the ranges – small roads at the back of a village - of Saint-Adelme, a small remote municipality in Gaspésie. Resting between city and nature, the inhabitant maintains a strong connection with his environment. Knocking at their doors allows me to establish a human contact and to better know the story of this range life. I allow myself to be guided by the surprises that come along and, at the same time, I question my actions and the meaning of the journey I am embarking on, and I write about it. Collecting landscapes, portraits and interiors, this work shows a facet of the regional life in a too often forgotten daily life.