Project Detail: Compleanno (Birthday)


Women photographers exhibition 2016




Marilisa Cosello



Project Info

Compleanno (Birthday)

“Compleanno” is the imaginary diary of five different characters that represent thr five different people that live inside me. The Bride, The Lover, The Man, The Bourgeois Woman, The Kids. All these characters are archetypes that come to life, and by living they describe the society in which they were born, the identity they must have, the conventions where they have to move.

As new inhabitants of this world, these characters are naive as children: they manifest through theire diaries. Each character is contained in various fictional and non finctional elements of a world between dream and reality. In this world, the body becomes the real, the representation of the real. Just through the body, allways the same body, there is recognition. The body is used as an instrument for the characters freedom, exchanging the definite and conventional identity with the possibility.

Life is unbearable, saturated with questions that cannot be answeared. Through these five characters, it become possible to live other realities, other identities, other lives.