Project Detail: Somewhere in the desert


Women photographers exhibition 2016




Marina Rodriguez



Project Info

Somewhere in the desert

This series of photographs take place in any given perilous part of the urban periphery, in an undetermined area in the depths of the desert. They represent structures that repeat themselves in an uncertain point of the empty American West. They are all governed by the same procedures: areas shaped by unplanned human intervention. They are all lands conquered by life stories that escape of the current urban life style, by wrecked people that seek an affordable home, even by attempts of a more sustainable development.

Whatever is the raison for their existence, these places respond to a displacement of the urban representation, where the isolation and the inaccessibility live together with an attempt to imitate the same models and amenities from which they escape or from which they have been displaced. Places that don't fit in a rural or urban environment, but in a borderline terrain that approaches the anti monumental and that resonates as an uncertain land where a sense of belonging doesn't exist.