Project Detail: Forgotten pieces of Italian history


Women photographers exhibition 2016




Laura Camellini


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Forgotten pieces of Italian history

This pictures are part of a research about the state of historical industrial culture society in Italy, a country where even ancient romans’ ruins are underestimated and undervalued, our still present historical industrial culture is completely forbidden.

This research of mine started in 2012 with a report about the Formignano mining village, funded for revaluation by the eu and still completely abandoned.

For this report I wrote an article in [italian](, and in [english](

[Here]( you’ll find a map with my first photo report from Formignano.

How important is this history of labor (and the cultural values that comes whithin) to a government that wants to really give meaning to the idea that’s written on his constitution, “Republic founded on work”?

The environmental and social impact and the cultural void are joining, and the value of our mediterranean environment is written in our contitution also.

As you can se from the articles and link to many journalistic reports many questions are still open.