Project Detail: Borrow


IBSA Foundation Covid19




Mauro Liggi


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Covid 19 has forced us to stay holed up in ourselves, in our homes, in the limited spaces of allowed sociality. This is my journey inside my city hit by the pandemic, starting from my home, experiencing the streets lit with sadness, to recognize myself in the eyes of others and cling to what I love.

It was a suspended time, heartbreaking as a medical doctor and a man.
A virus stopped us, and it took our lives by train.
And we closed, holed up barricaded in our homes and in ourselves, thinking the unthinkable, tired of reflecting, locked up in our fear.
A virus that has emptied our time, always full, crammed, often useless, to live a life of crumbs to be collected from under the table of an unchanging habit.
I have inside me the sick, the people who died alone, my fears, my tiredness, the frustration hidden by the gown, the eyes above the masks, the unconscious hope.
Now that history has torn the door of our lives up, it's up to us to be up to showing ourselves new human beings.