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Patrick Junker



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»There is glory in prevention«

More recognition for prevention, more fame and praise for prevention against Corona: the project tries to make visible what we have prevented.

The Corona pandemic dominates our lives, yet the danger remains abstract for most. With the photo project »There is glory in prevention« the pandemic should be made visible.

The project tells personal stories of the crisis, of people who are exposed to the threat of the virus every day, of nurses and doctors, of a patient who is still struggling with the consequences of his severe Covid-19 disease. They tell of the new normal - and of signs of solidarity.

To contain the covid-19 pandemic, fundamental rights such as freedom of the person, freedom of assembly or inviolability of the home, and the right to physical integrity were restricted. Using so-called lockdowns, it was possible to reduce the incidence of infection in Germany and avoid overloading the health system.

Since October, the number of new infections caused by the Coronavirus has been rising sharply again, and hospitals in Germany are almost at the limit of their capacity in December. The second wave of the pandemic lasts for several months and the number of infections is stabilizing at a high level.