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Culture and Pandemic

Reportage about the hit of Covid on Art and Culture

The pandemic that we are all experiencing has strongly affected all labor sectors, mainly tourism and hospitality, but also culture. Creative companies in Spain represented 3,3 % of GNP and 700.000 workers before Covid, but now the hit of the lockdown and restrictions have caused loss for millions of euros and many people are unemployed.

This reportage tells how theatres and artists of Barcelona are facing this crisis. Since the lockdown of March 90% of the cultural activities didn’t start again and many artists such as Carlos and Ruben lost their jobs. Only in the last month in January Ruben, pretty famous catalan actor, was able to return on the stage with a new comedy.

Theatres have to follow strict security measures and some of them had to change their structure to survive. Dancers and actors need to stay monitored and have a PCR negative and use additional protection especially when interacting with the public. This is how the pandemic has changed our experience of art and culture.