Project Detail: EMPYREAN


IBSA Foundation Covid19




Veronica Barbato


Project Info


EMPIREO (Intentionally Impossible Skies), is a photographic project that arises from the creative challenge confronting the limitations caused by Covid, investigates the relationship between existence and attraction towards infinity, also understood as continuous research. In addition to the photographic medium, the artist works with materials such as: cellophane, spray cans, nylon and snow on his terrace. The viewer's eye will be captivated and deceived by his own need to understand and fantasize, seized by a sense of vertigo for the distance between him and the "artificial" EMPIREO, the deliberately impossible Sky, conceived and created by the artist who will trigger a sensory short circuit between perceived figuration and reality.

Heaven, / ciè-lo / masculine noun. The space within which our planet (and all the others in the solar system) moves and which appears to us as a vault or hemispherical dome bounded at the base by the horizon. As far as medieval cosmology is concerned: sphere or celestial vault - the highest part of the sky, located outside of time and space, often in indirect reference to God. The infinite eternal flaming whiteness of the outermost sky extends: the empyrean, seat of the blessed, of the saints, of the angels, of God. A heavenly place, the supreme spiritual extraction.
The empyrean gives us a fundamental and wonderful image: "intellectual light full of love", a direct emanation of God.