Project Detail: Facing Ourselves: Reckoning


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Patricia Houghton Clarke


Project Info

Facing Ourselves: Reckoning

A photography portfolio commentary on Covid-19 in the context of life in the USA in 2020.

This portfolio is the unexpected third chapter of my ongoing Facing Ourselves project, begun in Italy in 2016. Like for so many others, the Coronavirus brought me and the rest of the world to a sudden, shuddering, chaotic halt. Attacking all races and socioeconomic groups, the pandemic has hit communities of color disproportionately and broadened the conversation regarding racial and economic justice.

These photographs from my small central California community represent the microcosm of challenges we are facing, together and individually. In the process of creating this body of work I have found myself looking not only for answers, but sometimes struggling just to understand the questions. I hope in some small way this offering helps further the conversation.

How we face ourselves and each other is constantly evolving. Shall we turn our back towards, or away from fear? Shall we face the future head on, adapting to our new world with grace, generosity and caring?

Or shall we turn our heads, and have only ourselves to face?

Thank you so much to everyone who lent their voices and perspectives during this exploration; who marched in search of peace and justice, who created art to remind us of what's important, who write words to inspire us, and to all those who join the quest to co- create healthy, equitable and compassionate communities.