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IBSA Foundation Covid19




Enrique Turrent


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The series explores apathy, lack of energy to do something or to move, after almost a year that the confinement began in Mexico City.

On March 20, 2020, quarantine is decreed in Mexico City and, although the measures have been changing, the instruction for all of us who can is to stay home.
The confinement has become natural and the routine has consumed us, the days pass one after the other and each day that passes is more like the previous one, entering a state of lethargy that does not allow you to differentiate reality from dream. A lethargy, lightheadedness, disturbance, or any synonym that tries to describe this state, which is not tired, and a tiredness that is not due to lack of sleep. We live-we live with a new and imperceptible virus, at first glance, with an uncertainty that does not allow us to fully perceive reality. Between anguish, fear and lethargy, we are immersed in a surreal life of endless days in which we have become used to not having certainties.