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èkleipsis 2020


èkleipsis 2020

The word "eclipse" derives from ancient Greek (èkleipsis); it means to abandon. In astronomy it indicates an "abandonment", a lack of vision of a celestial body, due to the placement of another body between it and the source of light that illuminates it. In a figurative sense, it indicates the failure, the hiding of something or someone, the going away, making oneself invisible.

The photos were taken from a balcony during the period of isolation, of invisibility based on the restrictions of the Italian government during the lockdown.

The few outdoor photographs were taken during the urgent outings for shopping at the supermarket, pharmacy and visit to elderly parents for their supplies.

My mother has eclipsed in the meantime.

Infrared images, sometimes with the help of infrared illuminators.

The camera has been modified to make it full spectrum and equipped with a 530nm-750nm variable filter.

The intent is to give images the feeling of an unreal, invisible presence and of a disturbing entity that lurks in our life and obscures it; like an eclipse in science fiction frames.