Project Detail: Pills of madness


IBSA Foundation Covid19




Elisabetta Tosi



Project Info

Pills of madness

The project descibes the emotions and psychological consequences related to the period we are experiencing, specifically the effects of the lockdown.

The idea of ​​this photographic project was born during the first lockdown period last year (2020) as a personal need. A way to give vent to the emotions, thoughts and reflections that crowded my mind.
The prolongation of the emergency period has also generated feelings of frustration and phobias in many people.
One of these reflections, for example, is that loneliness, fears and anxieties related to this difficult situation can lead to illusory and dangerous solutions. Alcohol and drugs are just one example.
The multitude of information and the form in which it is expressed often lead to states of anxiety and confusion and the lack of sociality and sharing does not allow us to have that safety net that the community (family and friends) offers us.
From all this was born a series of self-portraits in a symbolic and surreal form where I wanted to emphasize the contrast between what could be a pleasant image such as colors and shapes and the distressing theme of addiction.