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Rising to the Call

Folks in New Jersey, one of the early hardest hit states, step up to support others during the Covid-19 pandemic

"Somehow, showing the best in people nowadays is frequently viewed as naïve,” wrote Fred Ritchin, Dean Emeritus of ICP, commenting on the role of photojournalism during this pandemic. But not showing the best in people means we’re neglecting half the story.

In New Jersey, the second deadliest hot spot for the coronavirus in America, individuals and businesses have responded with an outpouring of ingenuity, benevolence and grit. In this portrait of one state’s response, people in New Jersey are rising to the call for action in creative and inspiring ways. Individuals are volunteering time, energy, and money, and businesses are adjusting by using their resources and rerouting their efforts.

This response is a timely and inspiring story to remind us that there is hope and we are stronger than this virus when we pull together. New Jersey is no different than the rest of America. In the face of adversity, the people of this small but crowded state, hit mercilessly by the pandemic, are displaying resilience, community spirit, and genuine goodness.