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IBSA Foundation Covid19




Tomasz Lazar



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Voids Diary

This project depicts how did daily life look like in Warsaw and surrounding places during the 2020 pandemic.

On 11th of March the WHO announced the COVID-19 virus as a pandemic. From that moment everyday life in Poland began to change. Firstly, due to the introduction of
the epidemic status, restrictions were introduced to protect people from getting infected. Secondly, fear appeared among the people.
Places, once full of life, became depopulated. In public spaces a noticeable emptiness appeared, interpersonal relationships changed. Postapocaliptic atmosphere and views appeared in front of people faces like scenes from different movies that they had seen. With time, the so-called defrosting of the economy started in Poland.
People slowly began to go out into the street, but the feeling of fear remained. The second wave of the pandemic has arrived in the fall. Finally, humanity faced a new reality that forced them to leave their comfort zone. The individual was doomed to total isolation.

According to official data bye December 31 2020, in Poland over 1,294,878 people fell ill and 28,554 died. Many people believe that this data is heavily underestimated.