Project Detail: My Quarantine In Bergamo


IBSA Foundation Covid19




Silvia Alessi


Project Info

My Quarantine In Bergamo

This series is about me being stuck at home alone during the lockdown of Bergamo.

No more work. No more seeing other people. No more seeing my partner who happens to live 100 km away from me. I had to close my business. Being completely overwhelmed by this new condition, I spent the first two weeks literally doing nothing. I felt so empty that soon I needed to express myself the only way I know, through photography. 
I started transforming my home into a studio, following my mood, very much influenced every day by fear, anxiety, loneliness, physical and mental weakness. If all of this madness had happened years ago, I wouldn't have been ready to develop a project about myself. It's only because I spent several years taking portraits of people that I became more conscious about myself. I felt like my subjects were there like a mirror, to portray me.